• The Art of the Start 摘




    今天偶然在 taowen-server 上看到了 Guy Kawasaki 在 TIE 上的演讲视频,主题叫 The Art of the Start.


    1. Make meaning;

    We are going to change the world;

    a. Increase the quality of life;

    b. Right a wrong;

    c. Prevent the end of something good;

    2. Mission Statement;


    a. too long;

    b. not you need;

    c. not remember; (不然自己都记不住)

    (Wendy: "Fast healthy food!") -- Make Mantra

    3. Get going;

    a. think different;

    b. polarize people;

    c. find a few soul mates;

    4. Business Module;

    It is your money in her pocket.

    a. simple;

    b. ask woman for advise;

    (dangerous bozo: who is very successful)

    5. Weave a MAT;

    M: milestone;

    A: assumption;

    T: tasks;

    6. Niche thyself;

    We need no MBA & Consultants.

    How to do marketing?

    a. customer value.

    b. product unique.

    7. Follow 10/20/30 rules;


    a. 10 slides ppt;

    Title, Problem, Solution, Business Module, Underlying Magic,

    Marketing & Sales, Competition, Team, Projection, Status & Timeline;

    b. 20 minutes Presentation;

    c. 30 points font of word;

    8. Hire Infected People; 

    a. Ignore the irrelevant; (激情 over 经验)

    b. Better than yourself; (招比你更优秀的人 or it will be Z level around you!)

    c. Flat learning curve; (平坦学习曲线提高新人)

    d. Don't ask somebody do what you don't want;

    e. Embrace your evangelist. (找到支持你的理想的人)

    9. Seed the Cloud.

    10. Don't let the bozos grind you down.

    他写的书:《The Art of the Start》,中文版《创业的艺术》